At Valentina & Valentia, silk is the base of each and every collection. It's so feminine and so luxurious! We simply cannot resist . . .


History of silk goes back to ancient times and its roots can be found in India, China and Middle East. Asian countries loved silk for centuries. Italy brought silk production to Europe in 11th century. Catanzaro was the epicenter. Later, Venice and Florence became involved in silk production. For 10 centuries Italy was producing finest silks. And that's why we love our materials so much. They are truly the finest with great tradition and craftsmanship embedded in their fibers.

Silk was and still is one of the most luxurious fabrics. And not only because of its visual attractiveness, but mainly because of the great level of comfort it provides. Silk is perfect for warm weather due to its absorbency. But it's also great for cold days due to its conductivity, which keeps warm air close to skin!

Silk's fibers are very strong, however, silk tends to shrink when exposed to humidity. In most cases, dry cleaning is preferable. But some silks can be hand-washed or machine-washed on delicate cycle in cool water. Never place silk garment in dryer! Care Instructions tag is always attached to Valentina & Valentia's garments. Please follow these instructions.