Attributed to be the ultimate interpreter of the modern femininity, Valentina & Valentia is known for its silk suits and uncompromising choice of materials it uses: ethereal silk, cozy cashmere and finest wool.



Atelier is importing materials from Europe, where traditions are valued and the craftsmanship is of the highest quality. Fabrics are coming from the best mills in France, Italy and England, while laces are mostly from France. One thing is common among them all – outstanding quality.

Beauty is not only what is seen on the surface, but also what is felt. One has to feel comfortable in order to project beauty.
— Valentina


Valentina & Valentia style is an amazing result of collaboration of women from 4 generations: grand-grandmother Valentina, grandmother Heli, mother Milena and little Valentia. Result of that making and creation exposes unique family style, and even more – a LIFE style, which was accumulated, built and developed over generations.

Entire family comes from an engineering background. Furthermore, all of them hold additional degrees in arts and music: watercolor, oil painting, piano, ballet, – things that add another dimension to life. Valentina had a tremendously successful career in leather industry, where in 10 years she grew from an entry level employee to a Principal Engineer and then to a CEO of a company, having thousands reporting to her. Heli had a successful career in economics department. Milena is a software engineer, holding a degree from a recognizable university and working for one of the most influential high-tech companies. With this strong engineering background in place, this women empire has never lost connection with the world of beauty and feminine side of being. Because beauty is essential...



Valentina and Valentia’s ultimate goal is to celebrate and praise feminity in any possible way and surround women with comfort so they could conquer the world!


Valentina and Valentia
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